Moeru specializes in curating products from Japan.

Moeru qualifies and selects the best speciality pet products based on intensive and comprehensive research and tests. Our portfolio consists of “hidden gems” yet to gain widespread appeal both within Japan. These are not products that are simply riding on the “made in Japan” label. These are products from passionate manufacturers that give everything possible, including bursting production budgets to push for the highest quality possible!

We know that people are hungry for superior pet products, and we aim to be the bridge for such people to gain access to such premium Japanese products.

Because these products can make significant improvements to our lives.


Identification & Discovery

  • Product identification & selection
  • Online research
  • Check reviews
  • Insider interviews

Testing & Disqualification

  • Verification of claims with product trials
  • Manufacturer background & repute checks
  • Factory visits
  • Terms negotiation


  • Content translation
  • Development of marketing materials
  • Copywriting & design
  • Advertising
  • Promotion


Moeru curates products with a proprietary qualification system as below –

  1. We receive first-hand information on manufacturers’ latest product releases.
  2. The ingredients of these products are then thoroughly screened. Products with questionable ingredients are immediately disqualified.
  3. Tests are then conducted to verify the actual efficacy of the products for products that make it through the screening.
  4. Further fact-finding and verification is then carried out for any product that passes these tests. This involves intelligence on the manufacturers’ repute, production capacity, and even any unfavourable elements that may surface, past or present.
  5. Detailed interviews are also conducted on existing “power-users” of the products. Power-users are individuals who have been using selected product for a considerable period. They tend to have a deeper understanding of the products and what it can achieve when used with certain techniques.

The whole qualification process is extremely intensive and generally takes 3 to 6 months onwards before the products are finally available for retail.


Premium for pet products can either mean something of a higher quality or human grade. We prefer the latter, and our definition of a premium product is one that is gentle yet effective enough for regular use even for human standards. We check the products we carry for safe ingredients and test them for efficacy.

Testing of the products are not limited to only pets. They are also used on humans. During the product testing phase, we found many products comparable to human products. Some even outperform human products, to the extent of using expensive high-quality ingredients found in luxury skin and haircare products for humans! These are safe products that both pets and humans can use.

In the past, pet products were only made from low cost and inferior raw materials. This caused many animal skin and health problems, and even sickness in the long run. Our pet’s skin are actually less resilient than humans. They are unable to take certain harshness in products humans can handle. Today, things are changing. Japan is a step ahead compared to the rest of the world in defining what is “premium”.

That is why we believe that only human-grade pet products that are made for regular use are befitting of the ‘premium’ label.

By way of these products, we hope to contribute to the well-being of your pets… So that they can live better and longer lives together with you!