The Latest Japanese Technology in Pet Wear - Terahertz Wan

If you have been following us you may have heard about our encounter with Kevin san?, the founder of Japanese pooch fashion label Coo Couture. ?

Kevin san has a dog called Kuk-kun (see photo above).? Kuk-kun is a senior dog, suffering from kidney problems. Back then, a reputable vet told Kevin san that Kuk-kun would have only 2 weeks more to live.? Upon hearing that, Kevin san’s friend offered him a stone to place on Kuk sun’s chest. Three years later, Kuk-kun is still alive and is now 14 years old. ?
That stone was no ordinary stone, it was a Terahertz stone. This may seem far-fetched but the closest in human terms is the titanium necklaces athletes wear to promote recuperation. Upon seeing how his dog miraculously beat the vet’s damning prophecy, Kevin san was inspired. ?He began creating wearables infused with Terahertz technology to give more pets the opportunity to be healed.? Terahertz stones were ground into powder, then weaved into fabric using micro encapsulation technology. This processed fabric is used to make pet clothes, mats, bandanas, and even collars and harnesses. The series of products using this fabric is named the Terahertz Wan.

Terahertz Wan products emit terahertz wave, an electromagnetic wave that ranges between light and radio spectrum, near the range of infrared rays. It can penetrate objects like X-ray or infrared rays but unlike them, it does not destroy our cells and is completely safe for humans and animals. Terahertz is so named because it can emit a frequency band of one billion molecular vibration per second (tera means billion).

What are its benefits?
Terahertz radiation can stimulate blood circulation and adjust the body temperature to its optimal level. Having the optimal body temperature helps the body produce important enzymes and hormones, which in turn prevents illnesses and boost recovery.
The vibrations from the terahertz radiation penetrates deep into the cells and vibrates every molecule in the body. This effect can help to remove blood clots in the blood stream. Metabolic wastes trapped within the cells are also released and the cells are revitalized. When our cell metabolism improves, it reawakens our body’s natural healing powers and slows down ageing.

Terahertz Wan is recommended for pets of all ages, especially senior or sickly pets. Currently we offer Terahertz Wan mats and camisole in 3 sizes and colours.