Registering as a member entitles you to earn points on every purchase. These points can be used to to offset the purchases of selected items, or even redeem exclusive and limited items!

About points

How do I earn points?
You will earn 1 point for every SGD $1.00 you spend at our online store.
Please check Rewards page regularly for offerings.

When can I start earning points?
You’re eligible to begin earning points the moment you have an account with us. Simply login to our online store before you start to shop to earn points.

How many points do I have?
To check your balance, login to your account online to see your points.

Can I use my points together with a coupon code?
Points cannot be used in conjunction with any promotion or discount. Likewise, points are not earned during promotion or discounts.

Can I gift my points to someone else for use?
Unfortunately points are non-transferable.

When I return my purchase or cancel my order, what happens to the points I earned?
The points you earned from that purchase will be forfeited.

Do points ever expire?
Yes, your points expire on the 3rd of March every year.

About earning points

Can I earn points on gift card purchases?
Yes, points will be awarded accordingly to the purchaser.

How can I earn points by sharing on social media platforms?
You can earn points by sharing our products on Instagram.

1. Only products purchased from moeru.co are eligible for reward points.
2. Reward points will only be awarded once per product.
3. We require at a least a 30-word writeup on each product to be eligible for the review points.
4. Photos or videos should feature not just the product, but also your pet!
5. There is no obligation to submit a positive review. Reviews work best when they are detailed, useful, balanced (pros & cons discussed) and honest (read: unexaggerated). So keep it real!
6. We regret that reviews where the product is misused are not eligible for any reward points.
7. Submission of reviews allows moeru to use your intellectual property created (including but not limited to photos, videos and/or written words) for the review to be featured as user testimonial for marketing purposes. Do not submit reviews if you do not agree to this.

Simply send us an email at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +65 8816 8328 with a link of the post. We regret that private accounts are not eligible for review points. You will be notified by email and/or WhatsApp once your entry has been approved and points awarded to your account.

About redeeming points

What is the minimum purchase amount to redeem points?
There is no minimum purchase, you can redeem any points you have but only the products in Rewards are redeemable.

How do I redeem points?
Simply indicate in “Order Notes” after checkout and before payment the item you would like to redeem. Please note that points can only be used to redeem items in Rewards section only. Items are only redeemable if you have sufficient points.

When can I redeem reward items?
You may login to your account to check if the points earned is sufficient for redemption on the item you are targeting. Each item requires different reward points.

Can I redeem all my points?
Yes. Each time you make a redemption, the required points will be used up. If you have any remaining points, they can be used for the next redemption.

What kind of rewards can I expect?

Reward items are highly limited and usually one-off items. Once they are redeemed they may not be restocked anymore. There may also be existing items from the store or items that have yet to be launched at our store so that you get to try it before everyone else!

I just received a reward, can I exchange it for another reward?

Please check our exchange policy here.