How to Prevent UV Damage

Singapore receives a rather high amount of UV rays all year round and the sun’s rays can make their fur coat dry and rough, prone to static electricity, and even damage the cuticles! ? Black fur coats may also get “sun fading” where black fur turns slightly brownish.?

Check out this scary video on how much UV damage Singapore is getting:

Here are 4 ways to protect your furkids from UV damage.?

1. Use #AfloatDogShampoo ?

Photo credit: @pombambam

The shampoo is designed to protect you from the 3 biggest damage to hair: brushing, dryer’s heat and the UV rays!? It contains a lot of antioxidants found in ingredients like collagen, yuzu extract and scutellaria baicalensis root extract, which prevents and even repair damage caused by UV rays.?

2. Spray Skin Lotion ✨

Photo credit: @tin_tu_tello

The Skin Lotion provides UV protection for your furkids when they go out for walks! ??Spray generously just before going outdoors for that extra protection.?

3. Do the Silk Foam Pack Treatment ☁

photo credit: @julietan_cxq

This treatment is perfect for dogs with dry, dull fur and who needs volume. On top of its excellent moisturising ? and conditioning qualities, it also adds extra protection from ultraviolet rays,? and has strong antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-ageing properties! ⚡

4. Wear a Hat ??

Pooch hat-maker Garden of Eden makes designer pooch hats by hand, and the visor material is able to block off more than 90% of UV rays! ⛅


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