Patented & made in Japan.

Sigone 360-Degree type toothbrush for cats.

Proven to remove plaque and tartar more effectively than conventional toothbrushes or gauze toothbrushes.

note: Cat & puppy toothbrush is the same specifications, just different colour!

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No. 1 Oral Care Bestseller with more than 3000
vets, pet shops and pet salons using in Japan!

360 Degrees Toothbrush = Easy Brushing!
Brush safely at any angle with a 360 degrees type brush.
Conventional toothbrush has a plastic base that can accidentally knock onto teeth while brushing, causing discomfort. The SigOne brush with its soft bristles is gentle in the mouth and even has a massaging effect! Without any struggling, you can brush your pet’s teeth in a shorter time than usual!

Why 360?

Using SigOne Toothbrush VS Other Dental Products

SigOne brush is proven to remove plaque and tartar more effectively than
conventional toothbrushes or gauze toothbrushes.

sigone before after

Why it is not a good idea to use finger-type toothbrush or gauze?

Problem 1:
Your finger is too big for a cat’s mouth and may cause them to get stressed.
Problem 2:
You will not be able to reach the back of the mouth with your finger.
Problem 3:
Your finger also cannot remove tartar in between teeth.

Before & After Using the SigOne Toothbrush

Bacteria detection test after 3 minutes of brushing


sigone toothbrush how to use

How to Brush with Sigone




“Many of our customers request for our tooth-brushing service and we usually do it before shampoo. We use the SigOne toothbrush as it can remove dental plague effectively. I like that the bristles are very fine so it is not painful for the furkid. As it is a 360 degree type toothbrush, it doesn’t hurt the inner parts of the cheeks when I try to brush deep in. It’s very easy to use!”

“This toothbrush is a life saver for pet owners who are bad at brushing their pet’s teeth like me! When I use a normal toothbrush, I have to think of which direction to brush but with SigOne I don’t have to care about that at all, as long as the brush touches the teeth it works!”

“My cat gets tartar on her teeth easily. Until I discovered SigOne, I have been using the gauze-type finger brushing method but it made her very stressed. Usually she struggles when brushing but when I placed the SigOne toothbrush around her mouth she actually bit the toothbrush. Nevertheless, I was somehow able to move the toothbrush horizontally as she bites it and it seems to work. Unlike normal toothbrushes, the SigOne has bristles all over so I can use it at any angle and it is also gentle on the gums. She doesn’t struggle with toothbrushing anymore so I’m very happy.”

“It’s very easy to brush the front teeth and the weight of the grip is just nice. Previously I used liquid dentifrice and she hated it. It also was unable to remove dirt. SigOne’s bristles are so fine, it not only removes dirt it removes it fast so I can get the job done quickly.”