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The Ear Folder is created to help achieve a folded ear effect. Suitable for breeds such as shelties, collies, terriers, schnauzers, scottish folds or any breeds where folded ears are desired. For best results, start using from 2 months old continually until 1 year old.

As individual results vary, there is no guarantee that the fold will form permanently. It depends on the texture of the ear, the timing and the frequency of use.

The adhesive can last for a few weeks but it is safe for the skin.

How to use:
– Cut out the appropriate size (usually around 1- 1.5cm)
– Peel off the backing and stick onto the back and center of the ears at the tip
– Fold the ears down and inwards
– For adult dogs, use 2cm width and use two pieces per ear.
– It is recommended to change weekly or fortnightly (especially during baths) or when it comes loose.
– Please dispose of it after each use.

– Clean and dry the skin each time before putting on the Ear Folder.
– If the skin reacts to the Ear Folder, please stop using.
– It would be easier to remove the Ear Folder if the fur at the back of the ear is shaved before putting it on.
– After the Ear Folder is removed, some stickiness may remain on the skin. It will eventually go away if left on its own.

Measurements: 12 x 5.5cm
Quantity: 8 pieces (can be used around 32 times)