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The toothbrush can be regarded as the superior daily oral care tool. Well-made toothbrushes featuring a small brush-head size and fine bristles can reach small gaps between the teeth. However, toothbrushing may not be for every furkid. This is especially so if your furkid has experienced previous trauma with the process. When faced with heavy resistance, you can still kick-start the daily oral care habit with the finger brush!

Finger-brushing allows your furkid to be accustomed to being touched around the mouth. It can also be used to massage the gums. The Fibre Finger Brush is made from a unique ultra-fine fiber material. It works at most angles and allows access to hard-to-reach areas. You can also use the Fibre Finger Brush to apply dental gel on the teeth enamel after brushing with a toothbrush. This works as an extra leave-in treatment.

How to use:
– Put on the Fibre Finger Brush onto your index finger.
– Hook the elastic rubber band over your remaining 3 fingers.
– Dip it in water and apply toothpaste before brushing.
– To use the other side of the Fibre Finger Brush, flip it over and hook the elastic rubber band over the next 2 fingers only.
– Wash and disinfect after each use.

– Each finger brush can last for 3 months.
– Not suitable for very small dogs or those with very small muzzles. Use a toothbrush instead, or limit the use to the front and outer teeth.
– If your furkid resist, do not force. Attempt at another time.
– Reward your furkid with a toy after each grooming session.

material: polyester
quantity: 2 pieces per pack

made in Japan