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This is a new concept to finger brushing! Simply stick the fibre brush onto the tip of your finger and you can control the amount of pressure and brush freely at any angle. The unique patented material is made of a dense ultra-fine fibre of just 0.045mm in diameter and there are 1711 fibre per . That’s 10 times the density of conventional toothbrushes. The fine “bristles” effectively removes micro dirt, slime and bacteria in and around the gum pockets. The material is so soft that you can massage the gums without hurting them.

The toothbrush is always the best tool for dental care as it has fine bristles to reach in between the teeth. However, if your furkid has had some trauma with toothbrushing and is resisting, you can start with the Finger Brush Tips to let your furkid get used to being touched around the mouth area. You can also use the Finger Brush Tips after brushing with a toothbrush to apply dental gel on the teeth enamel as an additional leave-in treatment.

How to use:

– Peel off one piece of the Finger Brush Tips.
– Stick it over your index finger tip with about 10% overlapping the nail.
– Dip it in water and apply toothpaste before brushing.
– Please dispose after each use.
– Wash and disinfect your hands after each brushing session.

– Not suitable for very small dogs or those with very small muzzles. Use a toothbrush instead, or limit the use to the front and outer teeth.
– If your furkid resists, do not force and try another time.
– Reward your furkid with a toy after each grooming session.

Quantity: 24 pieces
Size: 25mm(L) × 10mm(W)
Material: Polyester

made in Japan