Fulvic Essence Spray


made in Japan by Earthleaf


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The key ingredient of the Fulvic essence spray is fulvic acid.
Rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, it boosts the condition of the skin while giving anti-bacterial and anti-odour effect.

The special spray bottle creates very fine mist, together with the already small molecules of the fulvic essence, the essence gets absorbed really easily into the skin. It moisturises skin while giving an extra shine to the fur without weighing it down.

As it does not contain any chemicals, it is safe for those with allergies or sensitive skin.
Free from fragrance, colouring and preservatives.

How to use:
Spray directly all over the body. You can spray as many times as you want per day.
Recommended to spray after shower on wet fur or as a brushing mist on dry fur.

Keep away from sunlight, store in a cool dark place.