made in Japan by OPPO

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Is your furkid afraid of the sound from your vacuum cleaner? Now you can sweep the floor quietly and effectively! The Fur Broom comes with 3 rows of unique blades to pick up fur and micro dirt. It can even remove fur stuck on carpet more effectively than most vacuums or lint removers!

Made of special resin, the broom head is completely washable! It also works on wet floors, and comes with a special side bumper to prevent scratching or damaging your walls and furniture.

For carpets or rugs, use the side with the longer yellow cover.

For regular flooring, use the side with the shorter yellow cover.

This efficient broom is able to sweep a large amount of fur in a short time, perfect for grooming salons!

Broom head: Polypropylene / TPE
Broom stick: Polyethylene resin coated steel pipe, POM resin