Fur-Growth Shampoo


made in Japan by Earthleaf

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The Fur-Growth Shampoo features rose hip oil known for its powerful anti-oxidating properties, avocado oil with its rich conditioning effect, herbs to help improve the health of the skin and silk protein for promoting hair growth. It has 9 types of herbal extracts to boost the skin’s health. Although it is a natural shampoo, it is able to clean thoroughly while moisturising and protecting the hair at the same time.

Ingredients: Fulvic acid essence, plant-based surfactant, amino acid-type surfactant, rose hip oil, avocado oil, broneol, licorice, tea tree oil

How to use: Use as per normal. For dogs who are less dirty, you may dilute up to 2 times. After shampoo and towel dry, spray Massage Lotion and massage your dog.


Can it be used on humans?

Yes, this shampoo is registered as a human shampoo in Japan. Those who have used it feedback that it cleans better than regular shampoo. Men who use a lot of styling products do not need to double wash when using this shampoo in order to thoroughly remove any residue. It is suitable for those with sensitive and/or oily scalp.

Will it grow hair for human too?

Fulvic acid is clinically proven to grow hair effectively and safely. Some human salons in Japan are using this ingredient to treat balding or thinning hair conditions. To enhance its efficacy, we recommend to unclog the hair follicles with Hot Tab first and to spray Skin Lotion on the scalp after each wash.

Can it be used on cats?

As this shampoo contains natural fragrances, we do not recommend using it on cats. We recommend using Grooming Tab and/or Cat Shampoo instead.