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The Grooming Mask not only reduces the risk of bites, claws and scratches, it calms your furkid. The subsequent grooming experience is much less stressful for both you and your cat. You can also use it when clipping nails or combing/brushing.

With an adjustable loop and hook, the Grooming Mask is easy to put on and take off . The soft rubbery plastic features curved edges, ensuring comfort around the face while offering sturdy protection against clawing. There are three holes for ventilation, and they also double up as peep holes.

The Grooming Mask also comes in handy when you need to rescue/trap a stray cat to carry to the vet.

This is an original design created by Kinpex.

– Put the Grooming Mask from behind the furkid, so that you can easily fasten it.
– Wash and disinfect the mask each time after using.
– Store the mask in a bag of catnip for extra relaxing effect.
– This mask fits most adult cat faces, as well as pugs and shihtzus.

Diameter: 9cm
Depth: 7cm