made in Japan by Dream

size: 71.8 x 39.8cm

colour: black, blue, red or yellow

Get 75 Points per item with the purchase of this product!
Get 75 Points per item with the purchase of this product!
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The Grooming Mat is one of the must-have item for every groomer in Japan. It helps dogs & cats get a good footing when lifted during grooming. This is especially helpful for senior furkids. The mat is also soft, making it much more comfortable for them to stand on. The bright colour of the mat also helps you see the fallen fur more easily. It is sometimes hard to see dark coloured fur if your grooming table is black unless your furkid has light-colored fur.

This heavy-duty mat weighs 3kg and comes in red, blue, yellow and black colors.

Background story: The Grooming Mat was invented by the CEO of Dream about 5 years ago. Initially, it catered only to vets needing a non-slip mat to use on the examination table. After many rounds of trial and error, he finally developed a mat providing the right grip for animals, and is also strong enough to withstand disinfection.

Since then it became so popular that a lot of manufacturers in China copied the idea and made cheap versions of it. We have seen fake mats before, they were away much lighter and the grooves were not as deep. The surface of the mat also feels different. According to the CEO, the durability of the mat depends on the purity of the materials used. Investing in a good mat may cost more, but it definitely can last longer and offer better comfort and grip than imitations!