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The key ingredient of Dogtor Ichinomo & Purrfessor Awa’s Itch Relief Gel is fulvic acid. Studies have shown that fulvic acid can help treat wounds or irritations caused by eczema, bug bites, scrapes and rashes associated with fungus or microbes. The anti-inflammatory properties of fulvic acid relieves itching associated with the dryness, inflammation or irritation. It is a must-have item for every furkid!

How to use

Simply apply directly on the areas with itch. It can also be applied to any areas that are infected, inflamed or on wounds.


Fulvic acid solution and gelling agent


2 years after opening

Note: There may be some changes in colour or black specks appearing when exposed to light. These are chelates and are commonly found in fulvic acid. It does not affect the quality of efficacy of the product. Chelates are also commonly found at the bottom of wine barrels. It is a natural effect of fermentation.

Made in Japan

Usage Order

When using with Skin Lotion, apply Itch Relief Gel last.