by Dr Kumi Kobayashi

From Dec 8 – 10, 2017 (fri – sun)

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Get 90-400 Points per item with the purchase of this product!
Get 90-400 Points per item with the purchase of this product!
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There’s a new Accumassage therapy for pets originating from Japan. This therapy helps to realign the nerves to its original position. Realigning the nerves to their original position is important for the body to function at optimal levels, both internally and externally. It involves using the fingers to apply gentle pressure at certain key spots on the body. For the skilled practitioner, these actions alone can trigger the body to generate its own healing powers. The result is faster recovery for injured or ailing pets, and with improved fur coats over time too.

Furkids without health issues also experience enhanced health and immunity. The principle of this therapy is to correct posture, so that the body is less strained. Fatigue is thereby reduced. The body’s motor skills and senses sharpens as the nerve workings improve. You’ll know that your furkid feels good when they are happy to receive this treatment and stay calm throughout. This therapy can be applied on both dogs and cats. Humans can also receive this treatment together with their pets. It is good to experience it for yourself to better appreciate what your pet will go through.

About the Therapist
Kumi Kobayashi is a renowned vet and acupuncturist from Japan. After graduating from Osaka University in 1998, she worked as a vet surgeon. As an all-rounder, she also learnt dog training in Australia and dog breeding and grooming in America. In her pursuit to improve her skills, Kumi sensei became a licensed acupuncturist for both human and animals in 2013. She learnt a special school of acupuncture developed by a Japanese master acupuncturist. Due to the astonishing results each time she treats an animal, she has earned the nickname “God’s hands” among those in the pet community.




Adult – $120

Children (below 15 yrs old) – $90

Pet – $120

Pet + Pet Owner Package – Before: $240  After discount: $200 ($20 discount per pet/human)*

*Discount only applies to pets of your own




Will I be able to see immediate results?
Yes you can. There are tests before and after the therapy to prove that the health has improved due to the therapy.

Animals can’t talk so how can I tell that there is an effect?
You can observe from their body language and mannerisms, such as how wide they can open their eyes, their walking gait and how their fur coat improves over time etc. 

Can it cure Luxating Patella?
If there is pain or any visible symptoms, it can provide pain relief and reduce the symptoms. A complete cure by the Japanese Accumassage Therapy cannot be asserted. However, the legs will be strengthened and the dog will be able to walk properly. In some cases, the dog may not need to undergo surgery anymore. Acupuncture is recommended for such cases instead.

How often should my pet receive this treatment?
For healthy furkids, once a month is good enough. Once a week treatment is recommended for ailing furkids.

Is this just some fancy massage?
A massage will only relax your pet’s muscles to make them feel better. This is a therapy meant to improve your pet’s health.