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Dried Sake Yeast Powder
40g / Refill 70g
By Mmm
Made in Japan


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Get 11 Points per item with the purchase of this product!
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About Super Topper
Adding toppings to your pet’s food not only enhances with flavours, it also provides supplementary nutrition. Just like us humans, it’s difficult for furkids to get enough vitamins and minerals through their usual diet. For example, puppies and kittens need more calcium while senior dogs and cats need more nutrients for their legs.
We’ve made it easier to liven up your pet’s usual meal with 6 different super food toppings! Simply shake a little topping into your pet’s meal to bring a little surprise and variety to your pet’s meal. Our pets have sharp noses and can smell every ingredient. Quality toppings can induce better appetite and improve their health.
Our toppings are all human-grade ingredients sourced from Japan. No additives or preservatives are added.

Kampaisu A.K.A. Dried Sake Yeast Powder
Sake kasu are the lees left over from sake production. Sake kasu is rich in resistant protein, yeast and other nutrients. It has 26 times more vitamin B2, 47 times more vitamin B6, and 583 times more amino acids than rice. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety and stress issues will need to take more Vitamin B as they are used up rapidly. A lack of which will signal the brain to release hormones like adrenaline and epinephrine that may trigger feelings of anxiety. Yeast is said to repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and biting insects. Recommended for those who are sensitive to chemical flea/tick/mosquito treatments, especially cats!

Note: for repelling insects, it is required to take this daily. The recommended dose is 1g per every 500g of weight.

About resistant protein
Resistant protein is protein that is harder to digest within the body. It stays within the intestines without breaking down, and absorbs excess cholesterol to reduce fats in the body. When taken with fibre, it’s even more effective.
Nutrition Breakdown per 100g
Protein 60.4g
Ash 1.5g
Fats 10.9g
Alcohol content 1.2g
Water 5.1g
Energy 432kcal
These nutrients are naturally occurring. There are no additives added.

Please keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep in the refrigerator to preserve its freshness. Best consumed within 3 months after opening.


Some of you may wonder, can our pets take sake? What about the alcohol? Before you panic, we’ve verified with experts that this trace amount of alcohol is safe for pets, and dogs in Japan have been taking this ingredient without any problems. In the West, there’s an equivalent called the brewers yeast, go Google!