The Fur Away Laundry Detergent removes fur easily from your clothes and makes it hard for fur to stick onto it.

Made in Japan by Free Laundry

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Add a bit of Free Laundry Detergent to your laundry and fur will become harder to stick to your clothes. Perfect for those who like to wear black!

Animal fur sticks onto our clothes due to static electricity and their oils. The detergent uses silicone ingredients to coat the fur, reducing the static electricity. This helps the fur to detach from your clothing. It also coats the clothing with detachment promoting agents to prevent fur sticking onto it. The more you use this special detergent on your clothes, the more it becomes harder for fur to stick onto them.

A test was conducted by a third-party to prove that Free Laundry Detergent can remove more fur from clothing compared to normal detergent. The test results show that it is able to remove 146% more fur from dogs and 120% more fur from cats compared to regular detergent.

Free Laundry Detergent is also formulated to remove strong pet odours. It comes with a light lavender scent.

Suggested dose
For hand washing: 3ml per wash
For using with washing machine: 13ml per 30L of water. For serious cases, you may use 18ml instead. It comes with a measuring cup for your convenience.

water, polyoxyethylene alkyl ether, LAS, ph adjustor, stabilised, water softener, antifouling agent, detachment promoting agent, enzymes

Size: 500ml (good for around 39 times if used with washing machine)