Free Laundry Sponge removes your pet’s fur easily from your clothes.

Made in Japan

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The Free Laundry Sponge catches fur floating in the washing machine.

The secret is in the material! The specially processed urethane sponge has super fine and uniform holes. Imitations tend to have big holes that let small particles through.

How to use
Simply put the sponge into the washing machine with your clothes before pressing the start button. Make sure you don’t fill up more than 60% of the washing machine for optimal results. You may use two sponges together for serious cases.

Please do not use the sponge in the dryer.

This product won the Good Design award in 2015.

Size:12cm x 7cm x 4cm

Note: Based on our experimentation, this product does not work very well with front-load type washing machines.