FPO angels
made in Japan

only m size is available,
please enquire for other sizes!

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♡ FPO Angels ♡

The second line by for pets only
Designed by Sylvia, the designer of FPO
Kawaii pet clothes perfect for our climate,
using smart fabric technology to keep the body cool
and repel insects at the same time♡

♡ Lovely Skull ♡

Chic rock dress featuring checked frills♪
the skull iron-on is made in italy by for pets only ☆
*This item is exclusive to Puppily Hills.

Size:  XS/SS/S/SM/M/L
Neck Circumference Waist Circumference Length
XS 16 23 18
SS 18 25 20.5
S 20 29 23
SM 23 32 25.5
M 24 34 28
L 29 40 31.5