Massage Lotion


made in Japan by Earthleaf

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Massage Lotion is a premium version of the Fulvic Essence Spray. It contains the same content plus herbs and rose oil. This lotion was specially developed for post-shower massage-use.

The Massage Lotion prevents static electricity and also gives an extra shine to the fur coat. When returning from a walk outside, wipe off any dust or dirt on the fur coat and spray the treatment lotion. This will make it harder for dust or dirt to stick onto the fur. Both furkid and their owners alike will also enjoy the sweet aroma of the rose oil.

purified water, fulvic essence, propanediol, isopropanol, cetrimonium chloride, trehalose, hydroxyethylurea, BG, ethanol, German chamomile flower, Japanese pepper, honeysuckle flowers, hypericum perforatum, marigold flower, tilia cordata, corn flower, roman chamomile flower, rosa canina essence oil

How to use:
Spray onto the skin after a bath and towel dry. Massage into the skin. It can also be used as a brushing mist.