Made in Japan
BioWill Clear 2-in-1 Odour Remover & Disinfectant

  • Removes strong odours
  • Safe for humans and animals
  • Eradicates virus, bacteria and fungus
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BioWillClear® is a superior disinfectant that effectively eliminates pathogens & odours. In just 5 seconds, it can control 99% of virus, fungal and bacterial activity, even on highly virulent types. When used on pathogens including those causing food poisoning, they are tested to be destroyed in 15 seconds.* BioWillClear® is non-toxic and odourless. Use it to clean your pet’s paws after a walk or butt after a poo. Besides pet odours, it also removes any odour, like cigarette smell on your clothes. You can also use it to sterilize your home, toilet and car too! BioWillClear® is a trusted brand manufactured in Japan, and is widely used among vets and hospitals since 2005. *Tested at the Research Institute for Animal Science in Biochemistry and Toxicology and the Japan Food Research Laboratories.

HOW TO USE BioWillCLEAR® バイオウィルクリア

1. Spray at a distance of 10 – 20 cm from the target.
2. When using in an enclosed environment, please do not spray in big amounts. Spray a little multiple times instead. You may stop spraying when odour is removed.
3. Spray directly at the target that you wish to sterilize or remove odour.
4. On dirty areas, please remove the dirt before spraying or else it may result in a stain.


Please do not use the product for other purposes than what it was intended for.
Do not drink it.
Do not spray onto the face.
Although it has been tested for eye irritation, please wash your eyes thoroughly if it enters your eyes.
Do not mix with other detergents, oxidants or medication.
When used in a small enclosed area, please ensure sufficient ventilation.
When used repeatedly on the same spot on cloth or leather materials, there is a possibility for the colour to change or erode.
When used on electrical products, do switch off the electricity beforehand to prevent electric shocks. Do not spray at the electrical power points and remember to wipe off any wet residues.
When applied over a long time on metals, oxidation may occur.


“I am a super repeat user of this product, I can’t remember how many bottles I have bought. I bought this casually hoping it will improve the pet odour at home but, this product works so well that all the odour-removal products I have been using so far don’t even come close for comparison. I use it on the floor, curtain, carpet and all types of surfaces where I would like to remove odour. I highly recommend this product to those who are concern about pet odour!”

“I use it a lot around the pee tray. My dog’s pee scatters around so much that I have pasted pee sheets on the wall. After using Biowill Clear the smell has magically disappeared! I use it regularly and the urine smell around the pee tray is completely gone. I am also concerned about bacterial infections and I am glad that this helps to sterilise the environment and it is safe even when licked. Also, it works very well on the rubbish bin and food wastes. The smell clears up completely, I’m really happy with this product.”

“The pee tray area at my house always stinks but ever since I used Biowill Clear the smell is gone! Not only that, it can also sterilise the area. That’s great! I like that it is safe even when my pet licks it.”

“My cat gets sick easily and he keeps sneezing so I bought this product for him. I decided on it after researching on the internet and saw that it was recommended by vets. I like that it is safe even when pets lick it because I don’t have to clean up the residues after spraying. The odour removal power is amazing, I was seriously surprised. Now I use it after my cat vomits and pees.”

“I am a repeat user. I use it to sterilise my utensils and remove the odour at my rubbish bin and it works amazingly. My carpet always smells of my dog, even after cleaning but after spraying it with Biowill Clear the smell was completely gone! It’s good for sterilising and for odour removal, I treasure it very much.”

“I use it for work, mostly to sterilise my hands. It is less damaging on the skin compared to alcohol-based steriliser. That helps a lot.”

A Comparison of Common Disinfectants

1. Hypochlorous Acid Liquid Most hypochlorous acid disinfectants in the market have a concentration of 50ppm to 100ppm. This range is the safe limit but it is not easy to deactivate viruses. To deactivate viruses and stop diseases in a short time, a concentration of 400ppm is required. It is often said that hypochlorous acid will turn into water when it reacts with organic compounds, but they leave out the fact that chloride (hydrochloric acid) will also be released as a by-product. HClO ⇒ HCl +(O) When Hypochlorous acid reacts with organic compounds, it immediately breaks down and dissipates. Since we do not know how much organic compounds (bacteria and microbes etc.) exists in the enclosed area or targeted environment, you may need a large amount of hypochlorous acid for disinfecting. Hypochlorous acid also becomes less concentrated as time goes by. At a concentration of 100ppm, it reduces by 5% after one month and 10% after two months. To use hypochlorous acid at 100ppm, you would have to use it within 1 month of its production.

2. Sodium Hypochlorite To disinfect virus (such as hepatitis virus etc.) a concentration level of about 1000ppm is required. Soaking a piece of cloth infected with the virus in 1000ppm of sodium hypochlorite would take 30 minutes to completely disinfect the cloth. At such high concentration, there is bound to be some chemical damage and even for the average pathogen, a concentration of 600ppm is needed. If using the soaking method then 5 minutes of immersion at 200ppm and above is necessary.

3. Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide Stabilized chlorine dioxide is often presented as a stable version of chlorine dioxide in various articles, but both are entirely different things altogether. Chlorine dioxide is often presented as a gaseous form and written as CLO2. Stabilized chlorine dioxide is in liquid form and does not have the same effect as chlorine dioxide. When sprayed into the air, and added to organic acids, it produces chlorine dioxide gas. In other words, there is no chlorine dioxide gas in stabilized chlorine dioxide liquid, but it exists as chlorine dioxide ions (CLO2 ̄) instead. No disinfecting effect or antibacterial effect can come from stabilized chlorine dioxide. Having said that, there is some effect albeit very slow-acting. When chlorine dioxide ions accept hydrogen ions and react with carbon dioxide in the air, it turns into chlorine dioxide gas. However, as long as it does not turn into chlorine dioxide gas immediately, we can safely say that there is no effect from stabilized chlorine dioxide.

4. Chlorine Dioxide (gas dissolved in liquid) Chlorine dioxide has very strong disinfecting capabilities compared to other types of disinfectants, even in very low concentrations. However, it also has many disadvantages such as bleaching properties, irritative, strong odour, corrosivity, short shelf life, quick degradation of its container and so on. As such, it is very hard to apply it to everyday usage. Special equipment is necessary when used industrially.

5. Complex Type Sustained Chlorine Dioxide (used in BioWillClear®) Chlorine dioxide is included as an active ingredient but other ingredients are combined to increase its efficacy and increase its shelf-life to 2 years. It can eliminate strong virus types in just five seconds. It is proven to safe even if it accidentally enters the eyes, comes in contact with the skin or enters the mouth.