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Dried Soy Pulp Flakes
20g / Refill 50g
by Mmm
Made in Japan

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Get 7 Points per item with the purchase of this product!
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About Super Topper
Adding toppings to your pet’s food not only enhances with flavours, it also provides supplementary nutrition. Just like us humans, it’s difficult for furkids to get enough vitamins and minerals through their usual diet. For example, puppies and kittens need more calcium while senior dogs and cats need more nutrients for their legs.

We’ve made it easier to liven up your pet’s usual meal with 6 different super food toppings! Simply shake a little topping into your pet’s meal to bring a little surprise and variety to your pet’s meal. Our pets have sharp noses and can smell every ingredient. Quality toppings can induce better appetite and improve their health.

Our toppings are all human-grade ingredients sourced from Japan. No additives or preservatives are added.

Okarara A.K.A Dried Soy Pulp Flakes
Okara is a by-product of tofu and soy milk that is traditionally given to pets in Japan. It is the insoluble soy pulp left over after pureed soybeans are filtered. By dehydrating Okara in a short time, it prevents bacteria from growing and also maintains the substance that prevents protein from denaturing by heat. Okara is a great source of protein and amino acids, including those that our bodies are unable to produce ourselves.

By adding 4 to 6 times more water into the Okara, you can get about 4 times more the original mass of Okara. This increases the volume of the food while keeping calories low. Okara absorbs the gastric juices in our stomach and expands, causing it to move slowly to the intestines. This gives a long-lasting full feeling to your furkids, especially those who seem to have a bottomless pit! Apart from good-quality protein, it is also rich in dietary fibre. Your pooch can expect good bowel movements after the meal. Okara also feeds the “good” bacteria in the intestines which in turn helps our body digest and absorb nutrients better. Boost your pet’s healthy gut bacteria with Okara today!

Add an appropriate amount of Okarara to your pet’s food. Add some warm water to the Okarara until it becomes a soggy paste.

Nutrition Breakdown per 100g
Protein 23.3g
Fat 15.6g
Dietary Fibre 46.5g
Ash 3.5g
Water 5.3g
Energy 350kcal

Fukuyutaka Soy Beans, mostly from Fukuoka or Saga Prefecture
No GMO crops were used.

Keep away from direct sunlight. Store at a cool, dry place, preferably in the refrigerator. Use within 5 months after opening.