Organic Cotton Face Towel
3 Piece per pack
Made in Japan

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The organic cotton face towel can be used to clean the face and eye area, and most importantly to apply toothpaste on your pet’s teeth and to massage the delicate gums. Slide a finger into one of the pockets on the sides of the towel, and apply some toothpaste onto cloth to apply onto your pet’s teeth and gums.

It is recommended to leave in some Earthleaf toothpaste even after brushing with toothpaste for extra enamel protection and breath care.

Using 100% organic cotton, you can rest-assured that there is no bleach or harmful ingredients that may leach into your pet’s mouth, unlike bleached gauze or tissue.

As it is 100% organic cotton, there may be slight variations in colours. When used regularly, the towel can last for months or even up to a year. Do not use any bleach when washing the towel.