360 Degrees Toothbrush for Humans

Patented and made in Japan

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Get 10 Points per item with the purchase of this product!
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What’s wrong with conventional toothbrush? The ANGLE and the BRISTLES.

Plaque and tartar start forming from the gum line, the border where the gums and the teeth meet. To really remove plaque effectively, toothbrush bristles need to come into contact with it at a 45° angle, AND be super fine and soft enough to bend and get right under the gum pockets. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible for conventional toothbrush to come into contact at the right angle and the bristles are at least 1mm in diameter in order for it to stand upright.

Paltee toothbrush bristles are super fine, at 0.07mm (soft type) and 0.1mm (firm type). It also boasts a staggering 18,000 (soft type) and 10,000 (firm type) bristle count. The average toothbrush only has 2500 bristles. The size of the brush head is equally important, especially for ladies with smaller mouth. Paltee toothbrush is only 14.3mm (soft type) and 15.7mm (firm type) in diameter.

Some people think that the harder the bristles are, the more they’ll clean. But that is not true; soft bristles clean more effectively than hard bristles. Hard bristles actually wear down your tooth structure. Receding gums is another common condition of adults over the age of 40, and is often the result of wear and tear of years of aggressive toothbrushing using hard bristled toothbrushes.

Users of the Paltee toothbrush have feedback to us that their teeth has never felt cleaner and they never want to go back to regular toothbrushes anymore!


Soft Type (Pink)
Head diameter: 14.3mm
Bristle count: 18,000

Firm Type (Green)
Head diameter: 15.7mm
Bristle count: 10,000