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OoMaLoo Toys

handmade in Turkey

This series of toys are conceptualised and commissioned by the Japanese partner.

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About OoMaLoo
OoMaLoo toys are a huge hit in Japan because they are functional and so addictive at the same time. Pawrents will be pleased to know that each play time offers effective dental flossing effect. What’s more surprising is how dogs love it so much that they can’t stop playing with it!

All OoMaLoo dog toys are hand-made with care for maximum durability. The ‘furry’ portions, made of a high-quality, non-shedding polyester yarn, are especially strong and long-lasting.

Design features and details are created in a contrasting acrylic yarn to bring life to the toys. Each dog toy also contains at least one industrial-strength squeaker, made of non-toxic materials and exclusively designed for OoMaLoo.

Dogs love not just the furry texture of the toys, but also the responsive squeak that comes with each bite.

How to Play
After each meal, give an OoMaLoo toy to your furkid. After a while, hide the toy somewhere where your furkid can’t see it. Repeat this a few times and your furkid will look forward to playing with OoMaLoo after each meal.

Care Instructions
OoMaLoo toys are machine-washable. Put it in a net before washing and air dry. You can also spray with a disinfectant between each use.

People Behind OoMaLoo
OoMaLoo toys are handmade by women in poor, multi-ethnic neighborhoods of Anatolia (Turkey). Doing needlework at home helps these women earn an income for their families. With each beautiful item, they share a part of their history, their culture, and their lives.

Our note: OoMaLoo toys are predominantly enjoyed by dogs, especially those who love to chew, but some cats enjoy them too.