Paw Pad Shaver

Made in Korea by Akitz

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Did you know that the skin between the paw pad is extra sensitive? If your furkid is a heavy paw-licker, they may even be inflamed. The paws are full of nerves and a bad shave may cause your furkid to dislike anyone touching their paws. If you use a regular shaver, it is very easy to cause abrasion or even bleeding in the paw pads.

The paw pad shaver is designed to shave safely at such sensitive areas. It is probably the safest type of shaver you can find in the market. You can also use it to shave other sensitive areas, especially the folds, such as the armpits.

The handle of the shaver is ergonomically designed with non-slip coating for extra safety. We recommend it to both groomers and pet owners alike. This shaver comes with four clipper guards.