Eyedrops for Pets
Made in Japan

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It is good to cleanse your pet’s eyes regularly, especially when they are inflamed, or irritated due to shampoo, or due to fur getting into the eyes after a trim. Cleansing the eyes with this eye drops also helps to reduce tear stains. Rich in vitamins and minerals, the eye drops also act as a nourishing boost to senior animals.

Rest-assured that the eye drops are not irritating nor painful for pets. In fact, rabbits who have more delicate eyes than cats and dogs can use it too. It can be used even for puppies and kittens and as often as you want.

Good for cats, dogs and small animals.
Free from fragrance, colouring, preservatives or any additives.

How to use
Position yourself behind your furkid and gently pull up the upper eyelid from behind.
Drip the eye drop into the eyes from the top, coming from behind and not directly in front of your furkid.
It’s good practise to cleanse the eyes from possible residual shampoo after each bath and again after blow-drying to compensate for the loss of moisture. Dry cornea can lead to corneal inflammation and premature ageing of the eyeballs.

Fulvic acid liquid

Made in Japan

For further reading on fulvic acid’s effect on the eye, read this clinical trial report here.