AWA Shampoo is the most luxurious pet shampoo you can find today. This betaine-based shampoo is able to achieve what few shampoos can do. And that's cleansing thoroughly without compromising on moisture! In fact, each use of the AWA shampoo restores moisture and repairs hair. The result achieved is fluff and volume, even without requiring the use of conditioner! The active ingredient is Lipidure®. Lipidure® was proven to be able to retain twice as much water as hyaluronic acid. Formulated with human-grade beauty ingredients such as silk, collagen, hyaluronic acid, royal jelly and keratin, the AWA shampoo repairs, strengthens and nourishes hair and skin. These ingredients are rarely found, even in human shampoo! With the fragrance of bergamot oil, each bath is an aromatic spa experience for your furkid and you!

2L size only

Can be diluted up to 5 times

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