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To use the Grooming Tab, simply twist open the cover of the shower head, then insert a tablet and close. Once the water supply is on, you should see the tablet dissolving through the transparent cover. Keep the water running until the tablet has fully dissolved.

Please note that this shower head has quality issues and is not a durable product.
Depending on your water pressure and usage, it may last a few months to 1 – 2 years before the plastic gives way and water starts leaking.

About the sulfonate beads:
The beads inside the shower head are said to purify tap water. They need to be changed regularly once they become dirty.
We do not know the efficacy of these beads but since Grooming Tab is able to purify water and even remove chlorine,
the beads are not necessary and can be removed to lighten the load of the shower head.
Since the beads trap dirt, we would recommend not using them instead.