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Get 28 Points per item with the purchase of this product!
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Furkids especially cats are sensitive to sounds and winds. They become stressed with the noise from the dryer. They also dislike high-pressured air getting into their ears. With this in mind, the Relaxing Snood solves these issues. Putting it on furkids relieves their stress and instantly calms them. They then become more compliant to make the grooming process a lot easier. This reduces the risk of grooming trauma, especially for furkids not accustomed to grooming. Apart from drying, the snood can also be worn during stressful situations. Some furkids become calmer when their eyes are also covered.

The Relaxing Snood is made of highly-absorbent microfibre material which helps to dry the fur at the same time. The snood is much longer than regular fashion snoods, and should be folded to enable a double-layered soundproofing effect over the ears. The length is adjustable to fit cats and dogs of any size. It can also be lengthened for eye-coverage to protect the eyes from the dryer and for an instant calming effect.

The Relaxing Snood is one of the secret weapons of Japanese groomers invented by Kinpex, one of the pioneer pet grooming equipment manufacturing companies in Japan. Their signature product is a powerful pet dryer widely used throughout Japan. The Relaxing Snood was designed as a complement product for use during grooming and especially for blow drying.

Material: 76% Polyester, 24 % Nylon
Length: 35cm
Width: 15 ~ 33cm
Colour: Pink

Made in Japan.