Say bye bye to tear stains with this trio.

  • Eye Drop For Pets – To cleanse and moisturise the eyes
  • Tear Stain Remover – To clean the fur around the eyes
  • Cosmoslact – To remove the cause of tear stains


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The Tear Stain Bundle is a holistic approach to tackle and prevent tear stains, eye odour and to keep the eyes clean and healthy.
To remove tear stains for good, a thorough detox with Cosmoslact is needed and that takes time. Use Tear Stain Remover and Eye Drop for Pets for faster results in the short term. After the body has adjusted and is no longer producing any tear stains, you may cut down on the frequency applying the Tear Stain Remover.

Eye Drop for Pets

It is good to cleanse your pet’s eyes regularly, especially when they are inflamed, or irritated due to shampoo, or due to fur getting into the eyes after a trim. Cleansing the eyes with this eye drops also helps to reduce tear stains. Rich in vitamins and minerals, the eye drops also act as a nourishing boost to senior animals.

How to use
Position yourself behind your furkid and gently pull up the upper eyelid from behind.
Drip the eye drop into the eyes from the top, coming from behind and not directly in front of your furkid.
It’s good practise to cleanse the eyes from possible residual shampoo after each bath and again after blow-drying to compensate for the loss of moisture. Dry cornea can lead to corneal inflammation and premature ageing of the eyeballs.

Tear Stain Remover

Tear Stain Remover helps pet owners combat tear stains or eye discharges that leaves a bad odour. It is specially formulated with OH negative ion water, silver ions, and selected herbs to remove tear stains and discharges effectively. When used on the areas around the eye where tear stains occur, it improves the colour of the fur! Furkids without tear stains can also use this to keep the eye area fresh and clean so as to prevent eye irritations or infections.

How to use
Use the attach dropper and apply the tear stain remover directly and generously on the affected areas. After the liquid has spread onto the fur, gently wipe off the excess liquid. Repeat the same process twice. At the 2nd application, leave the liquid on for 2 to 3 minutes before wiping off. Using it more than twice a day will give faster results.

Do not drip the liquid into the eyes. Place the dropper to point sideways instead of the front of the face. If you find it hard to use the dropper, you may soak the edge of a cotton wool with the liquid and dip the liquid onto the affected areas.


When the body is unable to breakdown waste products effectively from pee or poop, it may get excreted through other organs such as the skin or eyes. Tears do not contain waste products if the gut is working well. When waste products are excreted from tears, they stain the fur around the eyes. Tear stains are not just an aesthetic issue, it is a sign that your intestines are dirty and not working well. Cosmoslact is the long-term solution for tear stains and it removes the cause of tear stains.

How to serve
Simply add it to your pet food or water. Although Cosmoslact reaches the stomach faster if you add it to their water, the efficacy is not affected when heated so you can add it to home-cooked food too. It is good to split up the daily serving into 2 meals.

For those with weak tummies, start with a lesser dosage. Soft and dark stools are common initially for those with weak intestinal health. It is a sign that Cosmoslact is working. The stools will gradually firm up in about 2 weeks. Soft stools are normal and not painful, even as humans we get it occasionally. It is not an issue if your furkid is otherwise fine and has no fever.

Suggested Serving Per Day
For large breed dogs: 5 – 7 marks
For medium breed dogs: 3 – 4 marks
For small breed dog or cats: 1 – 2marks
For very small cats or dogs: 5 drops per 1kg of weight

note: The product comes with a small serving cup that has markings on it. Each mark = 1ml

Cosmoslact can be consumed by all animals of all ages. It is possible to take more than the suggested serving if you would like to speed up the detox process.
You can also add a bit more for senior, weak or ill animals, or during cases of food poisoning. As it is not medicine, there is no worry of overdosage.