Terahertz camisole for health and recovery

Made in Japan by Coo Couture

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Get 57 Points per item with the purchase of this product!
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The Terahertz Camisole offers terahertz therapy for better health or to speed up recovery from an illness or injury. Terahertz stones are crushed into powder to be weaved into fabric using micro-encapsulation technology. The terahertz radiation effects last forever and does not deteriorate no matter how many times the fabric is washed.

What is Terahertz radiation?

Terahertz radiation is an electromagnetic wave that ranges between light and radio spectrum, near the range of infrared rays. It has the penetrative properties of light and also the transmissive and absorbability of radio waves. Unlike X-ray, infra-red ray or even waves from mobile phones, it does not destroy nor damage our body cells and is completely safe for humans and animals alike. Terahertz rays is so named because it is capable of emitting a frequency band of one billion molecular vibration per second (tera means billion).

How does terahertz radiation benefit our health?

Terahertz radiation can stimulate blood circulation and adjust the body temperature to its optimum level. Maintaining the ideal body temperature is imperative for healthy bodily functioning, production of important enzymes and hormones and improved immunity. This in turn helps to prevent illness and speed up recovery.

The vibrations from the terahertz radiation can penetrate deep into our body and vibrate every molecule in our body. This effect can remove blood clots in the blood stream, excess water retained in the body, metabolic wastes trapped within the cells and revitalise our cells at the same time. When the cell metabolism improves, it reawakens our body’s natural healing powers and slows down ageing.

Individual results vary but common effects after exposure to terahertz radiation include alleviation of stiffness, inflammation, back or shoulder ache and an improvement of cold hands and feet. When we were young, we never had this problem because our bodies are working normally. When we reach adulthood, our bodies start to age and our cells have forgotten how to recover on its own. Terahertz radiation “wakes up” the cells from its dormant state and it starts to remember how to revert the body to its original state. The body than naturally remedies symptoms like shoulder stiffness, muscle pain, cold sensitivity and so on. Without medicine or supplements, it is possible for our body to recover on its own if our cells are healthy.

Who is the Terahertz Wan recommended for?

While healthy pets can also benefit from Terahertz Wan, the following pets are highly recommended:

1. Senior pets
2. Sick pets
3. Weak pets

*Please note that individual results vary.


Neck Circumference (cm)

Chest Circumference (cm)

Length (cm)

Weight Reference


19 – 21

30 – 33

around 21

up to 3kg


22 – 25

34 – 39

around 25

up to 5kg


26 – 29

40 – 44

around 30

up to 7kg


30 – 33

45 – 50

around 35

up to 10kg

Although terahertz radiation is the most common form of radiation in the universe, it is the least explored region of the spectrum. It’s relative obscurity is due to scientists’ difficulty in harnessing its powers. Challenges in generating, detecting and manipulating terahertz radiation have hindered the technology’s development – until now. Although terahertz technology is still in its infancy, it has already been applied to safe non-invasive security screening, biomedical imaging, and astronomy.

More background on terahertz technology

Some hospitals are using terahertz radiation as a noninvasive diagnostic tool for hunting tumours. The technique cuts costs and pain related to previous diagnostic tools. Scientists at the University of Liverpool, England, hope to kill skin cancer cells by bombarding them with terahertz radiation. A British company partially owned by Toshiba has developed a technique for detecting the presence of cancerous cells that is currently in human trials. Engineers and physicists from Harvard University are also researching and harnessing the use terahertz radiation in patent pending inventions. These are some examples of early adopters of terahertz technology.