made in Japan
by Kinpex

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If your pup has a thick and dense fur coat, you may need to use the undercoat rake before using the slicker brush.

The undercoat rake removes loose fur easily from dogs with thick undercoats. Designed with a soft touch, it’s non-irritating even for dogs with sensitive skin. In fact, some dogs actually find it relaxing and comforting. Stripping out the shedding undercoat and dead hair makes it easier to comb out.

This undercoat rake has some weight making it very sturdy and easier to pull. It also comes with a very firm grip. Pull downwards near the side of the skin in the direction of the coat growth. It is also recommended to use the undercoat rake prior to bathing.
Ideal for medium to large breeds with medium to thick undercoats.
Width: 10.5cm
Length: 16.5cm
Pin length: 2cm