Healthy treats for cats & dogs
Lactose & additive-free
Handmade in mongolia

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Mongolian curd cheese or Aaruul is one of the main foods of Mongolian nomads since the 13th century. It is prepared in summer where it is preserved naturally by drying under the sun and wind. Handmade using a traditional method that is rare today, this all natural chewy yogurt treat is now available for pets. Your pet will love the chewy texture and yummy taste. It is great for strengthening the teeth and gums while keeping them occupied at the same time.

This guilt-free treat is high in protein and vitamins B,C,D while low in calories and free from lactose and additives. Suitable for cats and dogs of all ages, from puppies, kittens to senior pups and cats.

Ingredients: milk & lactic acid bacteria

Made in Mongolia

Nutritional breakdown

protein >46.8%
crude fats >20.1%
crude fibre <1.8%
crude ash <3.9%
water content <11.5%
calories 439 Kcal/100g