How to Repel Insects Without Chemicals

For every problem, there’s not just one solution. Some issues require combinations for maximum effect! ? Here are some tested and proven documented combos imparted from our friends in Japan on how protect your furkids from flea, ticks, mosquitoes and any blood-sucking pests (without chemicals)!?

1. Eat Kampaisu?

The brewer’s yeast in Kampaisu is a natural remedy for furkids with ticks and fleas. It gives off an odour that is said to make furkids less palatable to bugs.? This odour is undetectable by humans though, and no, it doesn’t give your furkids yeast infections. That’s a different genus altogether.? For every 500g of your furkid’s weight, take 1g daily for it to be effective.

2. Do the Ayurveda Herb Pack treatment?

One treatment gives you two weeks of protection against pests. The herb pack contains neem, a natural insect repellent.? Although there is no leftover neem smell after the treatment that is humanly detectable, it works! We have “accidentally” tested its effectiveness when a pack of dogs all had a flea/tick invasion except one who received the Herb Pack treatment. What’s more this dog happened to be particularly prone to bugs!?

3. Wear Coo Couture?

Coo Couture’s clothes are no ordinary pet wear, they protect your furkids from pests too! Thanks to the “smart fabric” technology that enables insect repellent of a natural source to be encapsulated and weaved into the fabric. Now that’s another reason to put on some clothes for you your pooch when you go out!?

4. Apply Skin Guard??

pochitama skin guard
This is the holy grail of insect repellent, made up of natural essential oils including Hiba water from Aomori Japan. It is said that a house built with Hiba wood will have no mosquitoes entering in the first 3 years!? Skin Guard has a nice fragrance that fades off quickly. Spray it on your pet’s bed for extra protection!?

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pochitama skin guard