How to Stay Snow White

There are many causes for less-than-white fur coat. Sometimes ageing can lead to a dull yellowish fur coat ?, while sometimes it is due to blocked hair follicles that prevents hair from receiving enough nutrition to grow healthily.? Tear stains, beard stains, even brown stains on fur coat may occur when your dog licks or bites the fur coat. If the content of the tear or saliva is impure, it may stain the fur when oxidation occurs, and bacteria may worsen it. Here are some of our recommendations for keeping your pup’s fur white.

1. Unclog pores and improve blood circulation with Grooming Tab

  • ? We’ve heard many stories of how a dull fur coat got revived with the Grooming Tab, especially on senior dogs whose fur coats have faded. The accumulated mineral wastes have blocked their hair follicles, preventing hair from growing healthily.

2. Do the Silk Foam Pack treatment

Photo credit: @tobyythepom

?The Silk Foam Pack is full of amino acids and it is the same type of amino acids also found in dog’s fur or hair. White dogs hair tend to be more porous and so more prone to holding stains. A Silk Foam Pack treatment not only strengthens the fur coat, it also brings out the original vivid colour of the fur coat.?

3. Daily protection with Skin Lotion

?Maintain stain-free by spraying Skin Lotion every day. It is anti-bacterial and has high antioxidating properties to prevent oxidation happening on fur. It also keeps the fur clean.

4. Cleanse daily with Tear Stain Remover

?Tears are produced every day. It is important to remove any tear or eye discharges daily to prevent the stains from building up. It is easier to remove stains when treated early.?

Here are some results of those who took part in our pre-launch sampling. Those with less serious tear stains took only a few days to clear up!

5. Drink Cosmoslact to prevent the cause of tear or beard stains

? If the content of the excretions are high in waste products, the fur will likely get stains. When the body is unable to remove waste products effectively and efficiently, they tend to be present in the tears or saliva. This is usually due to low blood circulation, low metabolism, and lack of enzymes or probiotics in the gut to help break down and remove bodily wastes effectively. Take Cosmoslact to grow your furkids’ own probiotics and regain a healthy digestive system.

6. Take Water Additive to prevent  beard stains caused by saliva

The difference between Skin Lotion and Water Additive is that the former though safe for licking, is not formulated for consumption.? The Water Additive helps to keep the mouth clean and the saliva less viscous.? It can also be used to clean the mouth area after each meal to prevent beard stains.?? (>ω<) It can also be sprayed directly on the beard stains regularly to lighten the stains.

Most importantly, it purifies their drinking water. ?Water treated with chemicals and additives can also contribute to tear stains.? While it is hard to change their diet, the Water Additive is an easy way to ensure they are drinking high-quality purified water!?\(◎o◎)/

This is one of many testimonials we’ve received of the water additive reducing the tear stains. In this case, the cause of tear stains is due to the drinking water and it took only a few days to see effects, sometimes it can take up to two weeks. Individual results vary! (^_^)v

Photo credit: @valentinachua

In case you’re wondering, this is how Small Max looks now! There was no need for any tear stain remover at all.
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