Top 5 Picks for Meows!

While most of the grooming products here are good for meows too, here are our top picks!

1. Cat Toothbrush


finally, a toothbrush with a brush head small enough for the kitties!

Cats have smaller muzzles and teeth than dogs and a small brush head is good to reach the back of the teeth. It’s not recommended to use finger toothbrush or gauze as your finger is too big to fit into your cat’s mouth and may cause unnecessary stress. They also lack bristles to brush in between the teeth.

2. Dishwashing Liquid for meows

Use this special dishwashing liquid for pets to remove that slime aka biofilm from our cat’s pet bowls so that they don’t get any bladder or urinary tract infections. Biofilm is a growing bed for bacteria and if not removed thoroughly, can contaminate any food or water that it comes in contact with. There is a version for cat that does not contain any essential oils.

3. Grooming Tab

They are ultra sensitive to chemicals and fragrance, so most shampoos are no-nos! Grooming Tab is perfect for meows! Cats are generally cleaner than dogs as they groom themselves very often, but surfactants in shampoos tend to strip off too much of their natural oils, leaving them dry and prone to itchiness.

4.  Ear Cleanser

Cats are more prone to mites living in their ears compared to dogs. As kittens, they may itch a lot but as they mature they become desensitised to the mites and may not show any outward display of discomfort. While our ear cleanser does not contain any pesticides to kill mites, it is able to create a sanitised environment that is no longer suitable for mites. It may take a few days or a week or two for the mites to migrate out of the ear canal, where you will notice black crumbly discharged when cleaned. The ear cleanser is odourless and mild enough to use daily. Use it daily as a prevention against mites and ear infections.

5. Super Topper – Niboniboshi

Cats are picky eaters and you may find them leavings their meals halfway through. Sprinkle a little Niboniboshi over their food and watch them U-turn back to finish their meals! Dried sardines are also a great source of calcium and vitamin D.

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